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Custom Picture Frames in Bethesda, MD


Custom – Philosophy

The basic philosophy behind conservation framing is that the art is never to be altered in any permanent way by the framing process. We create a total archival environment for the art, which can include museum quality mats and backing and UV-filtered glass. Only archival mounting techniques are employed, whether the art is an oil painting or a shadow box for preserving your memorabilia. We consider it our duty to provide customers with the best available information on the possible consequences of whatever design they choose.

Unparalleled Customer Service

Both the quality of our work and our customer service are unmatched in the industry. We treat every customer and every project, no matter the size or rarity, with the respect and care of a priceless work of art. We are experts at conservation picture framing, but if ever a situation arises where we find ourselves stumped, we consult the professionals at the Smithsonian.

From large 4’x8’ canvases to much smaller pieces, all of our work is done on-site and can usually be completed within 7 to 10 days, depending on how long requested materials take to arrive. We give the same attention and care to every piece of artwork that comes into the store—you will receive the exact, quality framing that you ordered and nothing less.
Antique pouch in a shadowbox display

60" x 52" Indian Headdress, shadowboxed in maple frame with museum quality plexiglass. We stitched headdress by hand to fabric backing.

In fact, you can even make sure of this guarantee yourself. We do our work proudly in the open so that everyone knows exactly what materials and skills are going into the frames. Through this aspect of our work, we can ensure that when you order a quality product or service from us, we will always follow through with the proper equipment and careful expertise.

Superior Custom Picture Frames

If you want the best custom picture framing services available, call Framers Workroom in Washington, DC. Our reputation for providing superior products is well deserved, even to the point that we have worked for the Smithsonian at times. Since 1981, we have been in the same location, under the same management, with have the same principle of providing museum-quality work.

To keep your artwork safe and vibrant for years to come, we are your premier custom picture framing choice. Your satisfaction with our exceptional service is our main goal—we will happily work to provide you with the best and most appropriate design for your artwork. Call us today at 202-363-1970 for more information or visit our shop in Tenleytown, Washington, DC.

Serious art collectors, gallery owners, interior designers, and professional photographers are among the many customers who patronize Framers' Workroom. They come to us because of our experience, craftsmanship, excellent reputation, and the timeliness of our custom picture frames and work in Washington, DC. Big or small, rare or common, one photograph or 450 watercolors, your artwork is important to us because it is valuable to you.